“The Essential Detox cleanse is by far the most delicious, fulfilling and hearty cleanse I have ever tried! I have done several cleanses and honestly, most left me hungry, grumpy, and feeling unsatisfied, which in turn, caused me to over eat all of the wrong things. " Lissa Burke , Corporate Recruiter

“I thought I was eating healthy but I was never actually eating real food, I was just grabbing stuff like bars or bags. Jessica's Essential Detox really made my poor eating habits clear but in a way that gave me the answers as well. It really is amazing how much misinformation is out there the Essential Detox helps clear that up quite a bit." Sherry Morello, Nurse and Cancer Thriver

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The Official Guidebook to Healthy Detoxing. Over 35 Pages of Some of the Healthiest and Most Delicious Recipes You Will Ever Find! 

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